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The plastic is lightweight but sturdy enough to withstand play with your dog. It uses standard tennis balls, but it also comes with one proprietary ball.

We discovered a medium sized Chuckit extremely ball at a neighborhood store on sale and acquired it. After two days of mounted chewing, he nonetheless hadn’t destroyed it. We have had them two months and they’re nonetheless going strong.

We have gone through the best selling dog toys on Amazon, and selected a few very popular choices that your Labrador will love. When you are thinking of dog toys on a budget your first thought might be to make your own out of shirts or socks. The possible downsides far outweigh the few dollars you might save by making a toy yourself. Everyone has questions are we are here to supply the answers. By this point in the article, you should have a solid understanding of everything you need to know about aggressive chewer dog toys. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. That said, this bone is more intended for interactive play.

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It’s hard to justify spending money on something that will be destroyed so quickly. Before you rule out plush toys forever, take a look at our favourite, most durable plush dog toys that are totally worth it. When it comes to toys for teething puppies, Kong is a universally recognized brand. Their durable dog toys stand up to most chewers, and their toys come in interesting and engaging shapes that dogs just seem to gravitate to. I may be the worst pet parent ever, but all that squeaking can get annoying. To people it sounds like the squeaker died and there’s just a little trapped air being pushed out, but apparently to a dog it still sounds like their favorite toy.

I was actually impressed by how little damage the ball had. By this time, our larger dogs had seriously damaged the other dog tennis balls.

This fetch toy is the right alternative to taking part in fetch with a regular stick. Wooden sticks may be harmful for canines to catch and chew This comfortable, non-toxic rubber stick is simple on your dog’s teeth, whether you’re playing fetch or tug. It is simple to throw and enjoyable to catch; it bounces in lots of different ways so it keeps your dog guessing!

Reviewers enjoyed using this toy as it was easy to use and came with five durable balls that withstood chewing. Reviewers also liked the how the balls whistled through the air, engaging and aiding their dog to go after them. So, why have I included the Recycle Ball as an option to consider? Well, chuck it dog toy because this ball may be marginally better than buying a dog ball made with brand new plastic or synthetic rubber that contains phthalates and BPA. Also, Planet Dog make all of their dog toys in the USA, helping to minimize emissions and ensure decent working conditions for those making the toys.

A rope can get used for tug play, chewing, and even throwing if you find the right rope. KONGs are made from a durable rubber which allows for maximum bounce during playtime. This makes it fun for your pup to jump and grab it in mid-air. It also has a hole drilled through the middle, so this allows you to stuff treats inside. This is convenient when and allows your pup play on their own when you are away or need time to yourself. This toy also works well for chasing and individual play.

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They head straight to the lake at the dog park, fearlessly dive into the pool at every opportunity, and even roll in every muddy puddle they pass. If this sounds like your dog, then these dog toys are a must-have accessory. They’re more fun than ordinary tennis balls, and they come in different sizes to suit your dog. We took a look at which dog toys our customers love the most and divided them up by the type of playtime these toys are best for. The soft puppy rubber is designed to soothe aching gums and promote positive chewing behaviour. The KONG Denta-Ridges allow the ball to become a fun treat dispenser when you sneak goodies inside it. Due to its extra-thick natural rubber, it is much sturdier than most balls, making it last longer.

Exactly how bad tennis balls are for dog teeth is debated among veterinary specialists. Some say that unless your dog is a ball fanatic and chews for hours at a time, you probably don’t need to worry about dental issues. But when combined with the previous concerns, it paints the picture of a dog toy that should be used with caution. This ball launcher is collapsible, making it easy to carry around and transport.