There are also rumors of an interest in ex-professional Christoph Metzelder, who is under discussion as head of sports at Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04.The President of the German Football Association (DFB) since it was founded in 1900: His positions on the Executive Committee of the European Association Uefa and in the council of the world association Fifa, however, Grindel will continue “in close coordination with the DFB”, it said.

There are also rumors of an interest in ex-professional Christoph Metzelder, who is under discussion as head of sports at Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04.The President of the German Football Association (DFB) since it was founded in 1900: His positions on the Executive Committee of the European Association Uefa and in the council of the world association Fifa, however, Grindel will continue “in close coordination with the DFB”, it said.

It is “equally” important to “continue to bring the German positions in exchange with Fifa and participate in the development of international football. The DFB sees it as part of a good and open cooperation, if necessary also to represent critical points of view.” An abstention by the DFB and other Uefa associations as a reminder had recently been speculated. The European umbrella organization has been arguing with Infantino for months.

The resigned DFB President Reinhard Grindel stood out as a great critic of the Swiss and, while he was still in office, left open whether the DFB would vote for Infantino or abstain. The interim leadership of the DFB with Rauball and Rainer Koch seems to be in line with Infantino. What is Infantino criticized for in Europe? The 49-year-old has made FIFA a one-man show, even more than Blatter. Internally, there was a massive cleanup, and a number of employees at Fifa headquarters were replaced.

The “watchdogs” from the ethics committee, who once blocked Blatter and then Uefa boss Michel Platini, were also not allowed to continue. Infantino seems only interested in making as many billions as possible with football. His most recent prank, the reform of the Club World Cup from 2021, he pushed through against opposition from Europe. Which of his plans have been prevented so far? The dubious offer for the sale of two competitions (Club World Cup and Global Nations League) and apparently several Rights for around 25 billion dollars were thrown off twice by the Fifa Council – mainly because of Infantino’s secrecy about the identity of the investors. The Swiss also had to postpone the introduction of the global Nations League. His big dream of playing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with 48 teams also failed due to the political crisis in the Persian Gulf.

None of the emirate’s direct neighbors were ready to cooperate. Will Infantinos Fifa remain the enemy for the German fans? Certainly if the current course of supposedly squeezing the sport is maintained. However, it’s not just FIFA. Shortly before the reform of the Club World Cup, for example, the European club association ECA protested loudly and pretended to be the keeper of football – now the powerful organization is responsible for the fact that the downfall of the Champions League is being discussed in Europe. The “business” with football, in which the interests of the fans only play a minor role, will remain the same in the next four Infantino years. Source:, dbe / sid “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on Reinhard Rauball Gelsenkirchen is commemorating Bundesliga legend Rudi Assauer with flowers, beer and bratwurst.

Prominent companions pay their last respects to the deceased under a clear blue sky. Thousands of fans flock to the arena on Schalke. The former Schalke manager and professional footballer Rudi Assauer is recognized as the “face of the Bundesliga” across all clubs.

Rivalry in the stadium doesn’t matter. Politicians also mourn the legend who died at the age of 74. Reinhard Rauball has headed the German Football League for twelve years.

But in 2019 he will not stand for the fifth re-election. The 71-year-old wants to leave the office to younger people who will “take on leadership and responsibility in a new DFL structure”. The appraisal of the catastrophic World Cup is still taking place behind closed doors, but national coach Joachim Löw seems to be taking it easy. Before he presented his analysis to the DFB officials, he was in a good mood in Munich.

Two months after the soccer World Cup debacle, the DFB and DFL come together for a summit. After weeks of mutual accusations, the associations join forces – and full support for the national coach. At the World Cup test against Saudi Arabia, the audience mercilessly whistles from national kicker Ilkay Gündogan. The “Erdogan affair” will probably accompany the DFB team as far as Russia. DFL President Rauball accuses the association of failed crisis management.

The discussions in German football about the “50 + 1” rule are becoming increasingly fierce. Borussia Dortmund and the DFL jointly ironed out an advance by Bayern boss Rummenigge. BVB boss Watzke warns of a “division of the Bundesliga”. Striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is indispensable for Bundesliga soccer team Borussia Dortmund. But his private solo efforts annoy his teammates.

So much so that Captain Marcel Schmelzer is now publicly speaking in plain language. Peter Bosz has only been the coach of the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund for six months. After a great start to the season, things are steadily going downhill.

In retrospect, President Reinhard Rauball says: “It just didn’t fit.” “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Mariano Rajoy One day after the crash of the Germanwings plane, normal political operations in Germany are not going to happen It’s not just the Chancellor who changes her plans, ordinary people also have the opportunity to express their sympathy.

The Chancellor expressed her grief in connection with the crash of flight 4U9525. She wants to see for herself tomorrow. The Spanish protest party Podemos continues to soar. Now there is a new poll by state pollsters that sees Syriza friends even better than before.

While Prime Minister Rajoy is apologizing for the new corruption scandal in Spain, his People’s Party is sweeping the fragments of the previous one from the membership books. Most prominent victim: a former head of the International Monetary Fund. Spain’s economy is picking up again, while Italy and France stumble. Prime Minister Rajoy is well on his way to becoming Europe’s economic miracle. Angela Merkel is now visiting her model student.

Wolfram Weimer, King Charles IV, a reactionary Bourbon bone, had bullfighting banned in Spain in 1805. His liberal opponent Jovellanos also rejected the fight. The bullfight is now declared a cultural heritage. A comment by Manfred Bleskin In Portugal and Spain, the citizens have had to accept severe cuts for months.

Now the governments are tightening the savings screw again. The people in the crisis-ridden countries do not want to accept further cuts. That’s why they’re taking to the streets again in Lisbon and Madrid. This is where the author goes How and where savings will be made in the future, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy wants to decide for himself.

Even if the euro crisis country applies for state aid, it does not want to be patronized by the European Central Bank. Under no circumstances should savings be made on pensions, assures Rajoy. If the Spanish Prime Minister has his way, the European states will start forming a fiscal union as soon as possible. Mariano Rajoy already has a specific schedule: The plan has three stages, and the end will be the introduction of common euro bonds in 2018.

Spain’s conservatives are in a serious crisis. The defeats in the last elections against the socialists of Prime Minister Zapatero are nerve-wracking. But the opposition leader Mariano Rajoy is open to radical changes. “” Now President of the DFB: Fritz Keller. (Photo: dpa) The DFB has a new boss.

As expected, the delegates unanimously elect Fritz Keller as president. There was no other option either. Keller should pacify the association after many scandals and lead it into a better future. Reinhard Rauball speaks of a “Herculean task”. Fritz Keller is supposed to lead the German Football Association out of the crisis. The 257 delegates of the DFB Bundestag in Frankfurt am Main unanimously voted the 62-year-old restaurateur as the new president.

Keller announced an external general inventory of all areas of the association. “This way we can regain credibility and trust.” Keller succeeds Reinhard Grindel, who resigned in April after several inconsistencies. He is giving up his position as head of the Bundesliga club SC Freiburg for the new post. “The DFB must be a serious lawyer, service provider and lobbyist,” said Keller. “We are an integration machine, society’s last bonfire.” On the stage, Keller presented himself to the delegates in a confident and relaxed manner, speaking in fluent French among other things. He presented his new task in a football portrait under the motto “Only works together”. “I would like to start as a player-coach, then come on as a ten and stay as a coach.” He does not want to stand statically at the center line in the classic DFB conflict field between amateurs and professionals. “I have to move. I’ll slide in if there’s something to slide in.” The responsibility for seven million members makes him “dizzy”, admitted Keller and announced social initiatives in the fields of equality, environmental protection and integration. The sporting crisis of the national team also offers a “chance for the future”. Due to the structural reform, Keller will no longer have any guideline powers for association policy, unlike his predecessors. DFB deputy boss Rainer Koch still described him as a strong president. “Fritz Keller is without a doubt an extraordinary personality with all qualities.

He lives the values ​​of football. “Koch and his interim management colleague Reinhard Rauball, who is leaving the presidium after twelve years, stated a considerable loss of trust in the DFB due to scandals of the past few years. said Rauball. Keller is facing a “Herculean task” for which he deserves the support of amateur associations and professional clubs. No real chance: Ute Groth. (Photo: dpa) Even four years after the affair surrounding the 2006 World Cup was discovered Germany feels the DFB the consequences of the scandal. Treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge reported tax reimbursements of 22.579 million euros in 2017 due to the withdrawal of non-profit status for the 2006 World Cup. In addition, more than seven million euros were incurred for legal advice costs. The future outsourcing of all economic sectors in a GmbH is not an end in itself. “It is for him There is no alternative to the public benefit, “said Osnabrügge. Keller had been selected for the office by a six-person search committee around the interim presidents Koch and Rauball.

There had been criticism of this process because other candidates were practically hopeless. The Düsseldorf amateur functionary Ute Groth, who had planned an alternative application, was ultimately not nominated. At the Bundestag she was a guest in the plenum. Source:, Arne Richter and Eric Dobias, dpa “The pressure has been great in the past few days, his missteps are increasing. Now Reinhard Grindel is pulling the rip cord: The 57-year-old is helping resigned from his position as DFB President with immediate effect.

Vice-Presidents Reinhard Rauball and Rainer Koch will lead the association until the new elections in September. Reinhard Grindel has bowed to the pressure after a series of missteps and has resigned as President of the German Football Association. “Deeply shocked” by his omissions, he gave up his post after less than three years with a five-minute statement at the association headquarters. Revelations about questionable additional income and the acceptance of an expensive watch ultimately cost the 57-year-old functionary his job. Mr. Grindel? (Photo: imago / Robert Michael) “That I stand there in public because of such a process makes me stunned and sad”, said Grindel at the hastily convened media round in Frankfurt am Main. Concentrated and with a bit of bitterness in his voice, he read the statement from the paper, almost at the same time the DFB sent out all of his statements.

Grindel apparently discussed the move with General Secretary Friedrich Curtius on Monday. He will be succeeded by League President Reinhard Rauball and DFB Vice President Rainer Koch as representatives of the amateurs until the DFB Bundestag on September 27th.

Until then, you will head the association on a provisional basis, as it was at the turn of 2015/2016 when Wolfgang Niersbach had to go to Germany in the wake of the scandal surrounding the 2006 World Cup. In April 2016, Grindel took over the post. No DFB boss has been in office shorter than him for 114 years. Regarding the search for a successor, Koch said: “Our aim now is to find a joint candidate from the DFB and DFL outside the Presidium who has an eye on both amateur football and top-class football.” With Grindel’s resignation, Rauball clears the way for “a new start in terms of personnel, but also a structural fresh start within the DFB.” Neither in the Presidium nor with other top German officials, Grindel seemed to have any form of credit in the past few days – too much had happened in the past twelve months. DFB honorary captain Philipp Lahm fended off speculation on the eve of his resignation that he would inherit Grindel. “Today is April 1st.

So I want to let it stand “, he had said. There are also rumors of an interest in ex-professional Christoph Metzelder, who is under discussion as head of sports at Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04. The president of the German Football Association (DFB) since the founding in 1900: Grindel will continue his offices in the executive committee of the European association Uefa and in the council of the world association Fifa “in close coordination with the DFB”. The posts are remunerated with about half a million euros per year are tied to the person, not to the office at the DFB. The former CDU member of the Bundestag and ZDF journalist was increasingly criticized.

The “Spiegel” had reported that Grindel had not made public remuneration of 78,000 euros as chairman of the supervisory board of the DFB-Medien Verwaltungs-Gesellschaft in 2016 and 2017. The DFB rejected the accusation of concealment. Grindel had given correct information about his income when he took office and only took up the well-paid supervisory board position three months later. Grindel did not comment on this, even in his declaration of resignation he did not mention this at all. The allegations scratched his promise to ensure transparency with the association after the affair surrounding the awarding of the 2006 World Cup.

This was followed by a report in the “Bild” newspaper that Grindel had accepted a luxury watch from the former Ukrainian association boss Grigori Surkis.