The guy loves to draw and despite their normalcy, he or she is a very careful, caring person

The guy loves to draw and despite their normalcy, he or she is a very careful, caring person

Geo merely an ordinary guy, while also not-being really chatty. He is happy to risk his personal lives at stake to save/protect his company.

For many peculiar reasons, despite his incredible power, the guy appears to have an aversion to fighting, best using his full-power if the circumstance completely demands they.

Abilities and skills:

As an individual, Geo got become very effective and hard as nails/durable as diamond while flexible, as soon as he had already been transported on new universe. He is able to go toe-to-toe with many seasoned Teoran warriors, despite not-being previously trained in fight. For this reason, exactly why he is also known as a “super being”.

Yet due to appearing to have no past expertise in varying combat tips or near overcome experiences, this is why king Gwain states he might be stronger if he fully teaches and harnesses their capabilities. It was why she planned to extinguish his existence prematurely in the event it was not for Ami’s intervention. Merely Queen Gwain and Luna experience the electricity necessary to kill humans, eg Geo. The good thing is, he’s become fortunate enough both for ones to free their lifetime for the time being.

Real Performance:

Because of their human beings biology being changed from inside the new world of Teora, that’ll need gravity below planet’s, the guy can adjust to most of Teora’s hostile faunas. After practise thoroughly with Gwain and Marlow, their strength, speed, performance, lbs, and occurrence have increased considerably beyond any/most experienced Teoran fighters. His major use of his abilities in resist, are their speeds and resilience.

His toughness was immense, to be able to survive all Gwain’s drive problems, along with her performance ray for longer amounts of energy, on two times, and endure are went more by numerous practice automobiles by a full-speed train, although hurt a damaged arm and incisions throughout the techniques. When he makes use of his full-strength, he’s able to do amazing feats for example picking right on up a huge galleon expense conveniently, or beating Tahjin in a single punch, and submit him traveling lots of kilometers aside.


To start with, the guy did actually haven’t any prior combat know-how nor knowledge upon arriving in Teora. Though he had enormous capabilities. His techniques and electricity grew overtime with thorough rigorous instruction by Gwain and, next e an adept swordsman, becoming most competent together with his EXE-Blade. More over, this training allowed your to learn just how to convert his EXE-Blade into its rifle form, making it a robust ranged weapon.


Geo’s worst weakness are their insufficient secret. He is not able to do just about anything as other Teorans can perform for example travel, teleport, make platforms or ground for themselves, or glide. The guy is apparently conveniently effected by secret, taking astounding scratches from it instead of scarcely becoming scraped by bodily attacks.

Because their better body weight and density, he cannot swimming, but rather sinks in h2o. Meaning the guy might become drowned underwater with little to no to no chance for floating support to the surface, that was until the guy had gotten the diving Suit to negate that difficulty.

Geo can perhaps not incorporate his full power unless include dire scenarios in fights, losing or drawing lots of matches he could have effortlessly claimed. This has become even mentioned by Gwain and Luna.


Upon appearance in to the realm of Teora, their best stuff are the clothes on his straight back, along with his backpack, which included their sketchbook. Since they happened to be made on Earth, how much they weigh improved dramatically on Teora (by Teoran criteria).