On Monday there was initially talk of 30 injured

On Monday there was initially talk of 30 injured

The accuracy of the ultrasound is low, no survival advantage.

Evidence of minor damage. Lots of false positives (false positives).

It is one of the largest drug finds in US history: Investigators confiscated cocaine worth over a billion dollars in the port of Philadelphia.

The US authorities have made a historic drug discovery. In the port of Philadelphia, they seized around 16.5 tons of cocaine, as federal prosecutor William McSwain announced on Tuesday. He described it as “” one of the largest drug seizures in US history “”.

According to the prosecutor, the cocaine would have a total value of more than one billion dollars if sold on the street. It was discovered on board a ship, the name and origin of which the investigators initially gave no information. Crew members were arrested. 

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 According to information from the broadcaster NBC News, the drug cargo was hidden in seven containers of the ship “” MSC Gayane “” which had previously been in Chile, Panama and the Bahamas. According to the regional newspaper “” Philadelphia Inquirer “” the freighter made a stopover in the city on the US east coast on the way to Europe.

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Statutory or private? How patients are insured affects the behavior of doctors. Doctors report what a balancing act it is to have to weigh up earnings and care.

Heart attack – diagnosis of heart attack: When every second counts

Heart attack
Heart attack diagnosis: when every second counts

280,000 people across Germany are affected annually. to the video

“I decided I needed the money to renovate the house, finance the children’s education, and so on,” “writes cardiologist John Dean in the British Medical Journal.” For a while, the British doctor not only worked as part of the publicly funded health system (National Health Service, or NHS), but also cared for privately insured people. Now he writes that it is better to forbid doctors from the outset to work for the NHS and private clinics at the same time.

A conflict: the doctor as an entrepreneur and as a medical professional

The British and German health systems differ from one another. However, the fundamental conflict that Dean describes also occupies doctors in this country. “Private medicine encourages doctors to make decisions based on profit rather than necessity,” the cardiologist writes. The doctor as an entrepreneur and the doctor as a medical professional are in conflict with each other. The question is: is the work done in such a way that the profit is optimal – or the treatment? Of course, it can sometimes be congruent, but it is not always. Conversely, it also means for patients that private insurance is by no means a guarantee of better medical care.

“For example, I would never have the doctor operate on me who recommended the procedure as a necessary measure,” says Jan Salzmann, who works as a specialist in internal medicine, psychotherapy and emergency medicine in a family doctor’s practice and is on the board of the pharmacistical doctors’ association Mezis is sitting. “Because surgery is of course a greater financial incentive for the doctor than other treatments, and that is a conflict of interest. If the patient takes his breath away from the start and decouples the consultation and the surgeon, he will be given completely different advice in case of doubt. “

Long-term question for resident doctors

He says that the question of how to deal with statutory health insurance and private patients is a constant question for resident doctors in Germany. Private patients can easily be offered services that require relatively little effort for the doctor, but are very well remunerated. “” In extreme cases, doctors can, for example, perform examinations on a private patient with a simple cold, which they bill for 500 euros.ideas for argumentative essay topics But it would be enough to have a consultation, for which the doctor would charge 40 or 50 euros, “says Salzmann.

The British cardiologist leaves little good in the private sector, he even describes it as immoral. The whole thing is largely a hoax, he writes. There is only one real advantage: that you can push past the queue of NHS patients with additional private insurance. This is often cited as an advantage in Germany: getting an appointment faster and not having to sit in the waiting room for so long. Otherwise it is like a shampoo with added vitamins, says Dean: The promise is much greater than the actual benefit.

Is that hypocritical now?

Dean has therefore stopped working in the private sector. “” Is it sanctimonious of me to sit on my earned money and pretend I am morally superior? “” He asks. Maybe so, but he wished he had never gotten into that area. And that would have been easier if he had never been allowed to.

Salzmann has a similar approach: “” I am in favor of abolishing private health insurance, but that is my personal opinion, “” says the doctor. He also believes that the sale and practice of medicine should be separated from each other. “This is particularly problematic with self-pay services for patients with statutory health insurance (‘hedgehogs’), where doctors become salespeople.”

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Salzmann believes that the basic conflict in our system cannot be resolved. “” And there is certainly no majority for other models. So it still depends on the individual doctor how much he strives for profit and how far he possibly switches off his conscience. “”

After a car driver drove into a Carnival Monday procession in Hesse, the suspect was arrested. The public prosecutor accuses him of attempted murder and dangerous physical harm. All information in the news blog.

Volkmarsen in Hessen: car drives in carnival procession
Photo series with 10 pictures

Incident in Volkmarsen: Everything we know

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7:57 p.m.: Suspect comes into custody

Pre-trial detention has been ordered against the motorist, who is said to have injured more than 60 people during the Rose Monday procession in Volkmarsen, northern Hesse. The 29-year-old German is accused of attempted murder, dangerous bodily harm and dangerous interference in road traffic, as the public prosecutor in Frankfurt announced. The investigation into the motive continued, it said. It will be determined “” in all directions.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the man is urgently suspected of having “” consciously steered his vehicle into a larger group of people with the intention of killing him during the Carnival Monday parade in Volkmarsen.

According to the current state of the investigation, 61 people between the ages of 2 and 85 were injured – some of them seriously. There are 20 children among the victims. The district court of Kassel ordered the suspect to be detained at the request of the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office.

6:19 p.m.: The driver’s motive is still unclear 

The driver’s motive is also unclear one day after he drove his vehicle into a carnival parade in northern Hesse. “” We are investigating in all directions, “said a spokesman for the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday. The driver was not able to be heard. The 29-year-old German raced into the crowd in Volksmarsen. Police increased the number of injuries to 61 on Tuesday.

The first alcohol tests were negative, said the attorney general’s spokesman. Results of drug tests are not yet available. A second man was arrested for filming a gaffer video. By late evening, the Attorney General’s office has to decide whether to apply for pre-trial detention against one or both of the accused.

3:24 p.m.: Hesse’s Interior Minister Beuth sees no connection between Volkmarsen and Hanau

According to Hesse’s Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU), there is no connection between the two acts in Volkmarsen and Hanau. In both cases, the investigations would be carried out at high pressure, said the minister on Tuesday at the request of the German Press Agency in Wiesbaden. “” At the moment there is no evidence that the two acts are related. “”

Two such serious incidents within a few days unsettled many people in the country. “” These acts must not lead to dictating how we have to live, “stressed Beuth. “” Such attacks on our freedom remind us to be mindful, but not to be anxious. “”

In Volkmarsen, northern Hesse, a 29-year-old drove a car into a carnival parade on Shrove Monday and injured more than 50 people. There were also many children among them. The man was provisionally arrested. The attorney general’s office is investigating an attempted homicide. The background to the act is still unclear.

In Hanau near Frankfurt a few days earlier, a 43-year-old had killed a total of ten people and himself. This attack was allegedly racially motivated and the perpetrator was mentally ill. Both men are German citizens.

2:07 p.m.: Now almost 60 injured

After the incident at the Rose Monday procession in Volkmarsen, injured people are still reporting, according to police. The number has currently increased to almost 60 injured, the police said on Tuesday. 

12.25 p.m.: Police release the crime scene again

After the incident in Volkmarsen, the crime scene was released again. As a police spokesman said on Tuesday noon, the street in the city center will be cleaned and will then be usable again for pedestrians and drivers.

12.20 p.m.: Police increase presence at carnival parade “” Klaa Paris “”

The police increased their presence during the carnival parade through the Heddernheim district in Frankfurt. There will be more officials on site, a police spokesman said on Tuesday. The background is the incident in Volkmarsen in northern Hesse, in which a 29-year-old man drove a car into a carnival procession on Monday and injured 61 people, including 18 children. According to the police, the youngest is two years old. The event in Frankfurt is planned for Tuesday afternoon.

12:08 p.m.: Steinmeier “” deeply shaken “”

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was “” deeply shaken “” by the incident in the Hessian town of Volkmarsen with more than 60 injured. “” My thoughts are with the victims and their families. I sincerely wish the injured a full recovery, “” he said, according to a statement on Tuesday on Facebook. Steinmeier also thanked the helpers: “” My thanks go to the emergency services on site. “”

11.29 a.m.: Police want to be available for questions

From 11.30 a.m., a police spokesman wants to answer questions from representatives of the press. 

11:19 am: Volkmarsen is preparing for the service

In the morning, preparations for an ecumenical service should begin in Volkmarsen, as the Catholic pastor Martin Fischer said. “” The Volkmarser have a very good cohesion. I think that this cohesion will not be damaged by the act. “” The inhabitants dealt differently with what they experienced. Some wanted to talk about it, so others withdraw. The ecumenical service is to begin in the evening (6 p.m.) in the Catholic Church of St. Mary.  

10:33 a.m.: Public Prosecutor’s Office: Driver in Volkmarsen was not drunk

The man who drove into a crowd with a car in the north Hessian city of Volkmarsen on Monday was not drunk. Whether he was under the influence of drugs has not yet been determined, said a spokesman for the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office.

8.45 a.m.: A total of 52 injured, many in the hospital

The police have increased their information on the number of injured in Volkmarsdorf: A total of 52 people are affected. 35 are said to be still in the hospital. There are 18 children among the victims, according to the police headquarters in North Hesse. On Monday there was initially talk of 30 injured. One of the children is three years old.  

Tuesday, February 25, 1 a.m.: Police warn against the dissemination of alleged perpetrator photos

In connection with the incident at the carnival parade in Volkmarsen, the police warned against the dissemination of alleged photos of the perpetrator. “” The person pictured is definitely not the perpetrator, “wrote the North Hesse police on Twitter late on Monday evening. “Don’t share fake news!” It said. To do this, she provided a picture that shows several people standing next to a car. Their faces have been made unrecognizable. There are currently photos circulating that allegedly show the arrest of the perpetrator, it said in the tweet.

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10:10 p.m.: Security circles: Second arrested person filmed behind the car

The second arrested is said to have filmed behind the car. According to information from security circles, it is still unclear whether it is a spectator or whether he was privy to it.