I like this job, I am responsible for many things and I will not go looking for another challenge “”, he added

I like this job, I am responsible for many things and I will not go looking for another challenge “”, he added

At the moment, Real Madrid refuses to transfer the player for free. But patience has a limit. In the worst case, Bale just has to wait until 2022. Being a substitute doesn’t matter to him in the least and if he can’t get out for free, he will charge every penny of his contract. As a meme there is no doubt that you are earning your salary …

Jürgen Klopp successor to Joachim Löw on the bench of the German team? That is the desire of a large majority of German fans who still do not digest the harsh correction against Spain by Luis Enrique (6-0) in the UEFA Nations League match.


On at 18:34 CET

Klopp, however, has always been against participating in that debate. He is comfortable managing Liverpool and when the question arises he loses his usual smile. "Maybe in the future, but not now when I don’t have time", said in the previous before the confrontation against Leicester which, by the way, meant a new victory for Liverpool (3-0).

"I don’t know if people know, but I have a job here in Liverpool. I like this job, I am responsible for many things and I will not go looking for another challenge"he added. Jürgen, then, wanted to make it very clear to public opinion that his project is still in the Premier League and he does not want to hear anything about joining the national team.

Hans-Dieter Flick rules out replacing Löw as Germany coach

The German Federation will decide next week the future of Low

But the pressure on Löw is great and, we repeat, it has intensified after the blow to Spain. Every day more people are asking for, and wanting, a change in the direction of the German team and the favorite for everyone (fans and the media) is Klopp. For now he holds on in Liverpool, but will he continue to think the same at the end of the season? In summer, do not hesitate, the debate will return with more force.

The future of Luka Jovic, the forward signed this season by Real Madrid as the great scorer, seems to be increasingly far from the white club. Luka Jovic has not been able to come into play at Real Madrid this season and the few minutes that he has had have not served much either. The one that had to be the replacement for Karim Benzema has not fulfilled and that is why the Madrid club is already looking for a possible exit in the next summer market. Real Madrid is open to offers for Luka Jovic and in Italy they already assure that one of the interested clubs could be Naples.


On 03/23/2020 at 11:52 CET


Luka jovic

Real Madrid paid 60 million euros to Eintracht Frankfurt last summer, but the forward has still not found his place in the Madrid team. A situation that in a club like Real Madrid seems untenable and hence a way out is sought.

PSG’s bet is Mbappé: Renewal to 60 million a year

Real Madrid signings disappoint

Napoli, which is among the first to have taken an interest in the Serbian striker, it seems that, according to reports from Italy, they have already contacted the representative of the Serbian striker. Napoli reportedly met with the Real Madrid forward’s agent, Fali Ramadani, with a view to a transfer during the next transfer window. Luka Jovic’s contract with Real Madrid ends in 2025, but both Real Madrid and Naples could find a way out for him either in the form of a transfer or loan.

The speedy Gabonese forward scored 2-0 for Dortmund in the second half, at which point he surprised everyone by celebrating the goal wearing a Spiderman mask. 


On at 22:19 CEST

"I put on the Spiderman mask because it’s my son’s birthday and I wanted to dedicate a goal to him. I think Grosskreutz kept it in the end"he declared at the conclusion of the match.

A celebration that went around the world and that can be seen in this video: 

"Not thinking about Guardiola would be heresy". The phrase, resounding phrase, is by Andrea Agnelli. The president of Juventus spoke on Monday about the rumors that point to an interest of the ‘Vecchia Signora’ for the Catalan coach, but has made it very clear that "we are happy with Maurizio Sarri".


On at 19:09 CET


Pep Guardiola

Despite the increasingly intense rumors that point to increasing discontent with the current coach, the black-and-white president made the official position of the entity very clear. "Not thinking about Guardiola would be heresy, but we all know that he is happy where he is and, above all, we are also happy with Sarri"he said flatly.

Maurizio 1xbet stream Sarri landed on the Juventus bench in the summer to replace Massimiliano Allegri. Agnelli acknowledges that "the friendship with Allegri remains intact, but we made a decision and chose Sarri. We wanted Sarri and we signed Sarri", has said. The argument is very clear: "Your technical model is for us the one that can guarantee the final result", has sentenced.

Del Piero opens the doors of Juventus to Guardiola

Buffon hopes that Guardiola does not have to train Juventus

Finally, the president of Juve spoke of Conte. "It is a Juventine flag. Antonio is Juventus. Our relationship is cordial in the professional context that surrounds us. Conte has accepted a very ambitious challenge at Inter", has explained.

The Lautaro case could have an unexpected guest: Real Madrid. Although the desire of the Argentine player is to play for FC Barcelona, ​​in the white entity they trust to convince the striker to end up wearing white.


On at 19:23 CEST


Lautaro Martinez

In Sport English

Sky: Real Madrid get involved in Lautaro Martinez chase

According to Sky Italia, the entity chaired by Florentino Pérez would be determined to take advantage of the enquisition of the negotiations between clubs -Piero Ausilio recently reiterated that if Barça wants the player they will have to pay the clause of 111 million euros- to interfere in the operation.

Lautaro has told Inter that he will only move to go to Barça, but in Chamartín they hope that this decision will be less and less firm if the days advance and the Barça team does not find the formula to satisfy the economic pretensions of an Inter that, to day Today, he wants ‘cash’ and not players, which complicates the signing of Lautaro by Barça.

Shielded by PSG, Mbappé is not an option for the whites this summer. Yes it is Haaland, although the interest in the Nordic will now have to be added to the one that Madrid shows for Lautaro. Zidane has asked for a goal and in the search for a ‘9’ with the ability to define both Haaland and Lautaro appear. The Dortmund player has just arrived in Germany, making it difficult for him to leave the Teutonic team this summer.

In any case, Real Madrid’s movement can only be understood as an element of pressure to increase the cost of Lautaro’s transfer to Barça, a club that to this day remains the great favorite to take over the ‘Toro’.

Real Madrid has announced the appointment of Ramón Martínez as deputy to the general manager, José Ángel Sánchez, a decision taken to "promote development and maintain leadership in sports activity" of the club.

06/04/2020 at 16:15 CEST


"In order to enhance the development and maintain leadership of our sporting activity, Real Madrid C. F. has decided to strengthen the Football Area with the appointment of Ramón Martínez as deputy to the general manager"announced Real Madrid in a statement.

In addition, to fill Martínez’s vacancy, the club has appointed Manuel Fernández Gómez as soccer director, who until now served as coach of Juvenil B.

"In this new position, Manuel Fernández will assume the functions of management of the Soccer Academy, being in charge of the departments of National Recruitment, Technical Area, Soccer Administration and Training Methodology", detailed Real Madrid, adding that Juni Calafat will continue working as Chief Scout "reporting directly to the CEO".

The German Football Federation (DBF) has advanced that it will review the situation of its senior coach, Joachim Löw, in a meeting on December 4 after the defeat he suffered last week against Spain (6-0).

11/23/2020 at 4:52 PM CET


DBF Director Oliver Bierhoff will make a presentation to the board of directors on the overall progress the national team has made in the last two years. In addition, Löw will have his space to analyze the reasons for the debacle against Spain, in what represented the toughest defeat for Germany in decades.

The German team will not play again until March, so there is enough time to make a change on the bench in case they want to. Löw, who has come under fire in recent months, was endorsed by Bierhoff and DBF President Fritz Keller immediately after the defeat in Seville.

Beckenbauer: "Now everyone laughs at us"

Caparrós promotes Armenia to League B

These are Spain’s possible rivals for the Nations League

The 60-year-old coach has managed Germany’s national team since 2006 and won the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but four years later the title defense in Russia ended in disaster. The manager’s decision to exclude Mats Hummels, Jerome Boateng and Thomas Müller from the squad has also been highly questioned.